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I would like to introduce you to Norgein Communications Company China’s foremost manufacturer of flouropolymer (FEP, PTFE) communications cables. Founded in 2000, headquartered in Shanghai with factories in Shanghai and Zhejiang.  Our sales organizations are located in California and China supporting customers around the world.

Norgein’s goal is to continually develop leading edge technologies to maintain us as the leader in global manufacturing solutions for the wire and cable industry.

In 2003 we were the first to develop 3GHz Coax cables which made us the largest Chinese supplier in the American Triple Play market. Norgein developed Geintech Foam FEP by Nano-Technology in 2008, this improved our FEP cables to the most advanced in the world. Then, in 2010,we developed Geintech PTFE Foam cables, compared to other cables,foam PTFE cables have the advantage of a lower dielectric constant and lower attenuation providing the best high frequency transmission.
Norgein manufactures all types of communication cables with UL, ETL, TLC, RoHS certificates. We are UL Listed for CMP / CMR / CM, CL3P / CL2P / CL3R / CL2R / CL3 / CL2 / FPLP / FPLR / FPL / CATVP / CATVR / CATV / EVE / EVJE / EVT / OFNP / OFNR / OFN / OFNG and AWM cables. Our products are numerous and include CCTV,CATV and Video Coax cables; RF cables;Networking cables; Datacom cables;   Security and Sound cables; Fire Alarm cables; Media Control cables; Automation cables; RGB cables; Access Automation cables; Lutron cable and many more specialty cables.
By providing High quality High-Tech products and excellent service we aim to be one of the most respected companies  in the world. Norgein will be known for creating value for our worldwide customers, suppliers and our loyal employees.

  • Address: 400 Ramona Ave. Ste 209 ,Corona, CA 92879
  • Tel:951-427-5020
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  • Sales Hotline:951-427-5026
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    UL/ETL Certification: Plenum&Non-Plenum Cables
    E329281/ETL4007998: Communications Cable CMP,CMR,CM,CMG,CMX
    E335585/ETL4007998: Power-Limited Circuit Cable CL3P,CL2P,CL3R,CL2R,CL3,CL2
    E355847/ETL4007998: Power-Limited Fire Alarm Cable FPLP,FPLR,FPL
    E360270/ETL4007998: Appliance Wiring Material  AWM 1061/1354/1973/2464
    E360268/ETL4007998: Community Antenna Television Cables CATVP CATVR CATV
    E485381/ETL4007998: Electric Vehicle Cable EVE,EVJE,EVT
    E485244/ETL4007998: Optical Fiber Cable OFNP,OFNR,OFNG,OFN

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